This is a very important part of your Home information. This is where you sit down with family members and create a emergency floor plan. You can upload a drawing of you house floor plan for each floor or you can draw one on graph paper that best shows you homes floor plan. (see create floor plan) You identify two forms of escape or entry for each space in you home. This will help everyone understand if there is a fire or other issue, on how to get out of your home safely. HomeManager provides stickers when you become a member that you peel and stick on the plan. These stickers are brightly colored and will identify emergency disconnects and where they are located in the home. Electric- Water- Gas- and Sewer clean outs. 

You will be able to locate smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, and where flashlights should be. It will also identify where all family members should meet inside and outside the home in case of an emergency.  


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